Philop Delutia

Summoner, Human, Scholar, A bit strange (bio written by illiterate)


Name: Philop Delutia
Age: 26
Race: Human
Size: Medium
Gender: Male
Height: 5’10
Weight: 140
Hair: Hair is shoulder length, parted in the middle and quite fluffy. You can obviously tell that he does not care about what it looks like.
Eyes: His light blue eyes are never settling on any one thing for very long.
Voice: Never serious, quite incoherent, he is always rambling about something or another.


Born to a family of farmers his life soon took a tragic turn. At age five Philop watched as Abominous killed his brothers, then his mother. He watched his family burn as his father rushed him into the house. The last thing he remembers seeing before his father fell on top of him was a strange axe which was the biggest he has ever seen. After the blaze he was found by some priests of Apsu under the charred corpse of his father.

Distraught by the images he witnessed that fateful day, Philop spent almost every minute of the day studying any text he could get a hold of. Soon the priests learned he was a very special child. They were astounded by Philop’s ability to learn, and watched as he deciphered languages most scholars have studied for years. By age twelve he had mastered four languages, deciphered complex texts and ciphers, and developed the ability to cast arcane arts spontaneously. Little did they know that the young troubled child was trying to forget his past, and more troubling it seems that he has. That is until the day Philop opened an old text and out fell a picture of his fathers treasured axe. Philop’s memory of the day his family was brutally slain suddenly rushed back into his head, except with one strange detail. He remembered seeing the axe, completely undamaged.

It didn’t take long for Philop to uncover the axe from the rubble of his old farmstead, and it was not what he expected. Philop always thought that the reason the axe looked so big was because he was only just a child, but it was the size of a man, and looked just like he remembered it did. He wondered how this could be and knew it was magical. To this day Philop obsessively researches this mysterious axe, but all he had to go on was one page. Nothing else is written about his fathers axe. It grants nothing to whomever possess it, and is so large, that Philop turned to his magic to find a way to wield it to take revenge on the forces of chaos and evil.

Philop Delutia

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