Gyda Ahlberg

Human Sorceress


Character Name: Gyda Ahlberg
Age: 19
Race:Predominately human (Has some draconic blood)
Size: Medium
Gender: Definitely Female
Height: 6 foot 2 inches
Weight:150 lb.
Hair: Long snow white hair, often held up in an elaborate ponytail when in town, held back in a braid or bun while adventuring to keep it from getting in her way while fighting.
Eyes: Blood red around the pupils, changes to a bright yellow-gold towards the middle of the iris, and back to red around the outer edge.(coloration most likely due to her connection to the late Abominus)
Voice: Has a strong Norselike accent, her voice carries a somewhat low sultry tone, when she is not in one of her more boisterous or excitable moods.

Personality:Gyda is a highly mischievous person, who will often go to great lengths to set up a good prank. Sometimes at inappropriate moments, like during a foray into a dungeon. Some what of a pyromaniac, she enjoys boosting her spells and obtaining power, sometimes through questionable means. Can be a bit selfish in her motives and mannerisms, though to those that she feels friendship/camaraderie towards she is a steadfast and reliable ally. Has a confident and carefree demeanor, if a little headstrong and brash. She has a strong presence that at times can be intimidating to those around her, however if situation demands it, or it benefits her in some way she can play the part of a seductress fairly well. Has a soft spot for jewelry and sweets, tends to burn anything she cooks.

Background: Born of a sickly mother shortly after Abominus laid waist to the northern regions, Gyda was raised on the outskirts of a village destroyed by the monster. The hut she lived in escaped the flames of the raging dragon due to it’s isolation from the rest of the village. She lived alone with her mother, who was too sick to migrate south with the rest of the survivors. She began to show signs of her innate sorcery abilities shortly after puberty, and as she became more adept at it’s usage her more draconic traits began to emerge. Eventually her mother died during a particularly harsh winter and with nothing tying her to the northern lands anymore she traversed her way south. Searching for the wealth and power that could have saved her mother, had she had it at the time. It is unclear as to whether her draconic nature emerged due to exposure to abominus during the attack while she was in the womb or whether she was some how sired by the dragon intentionally through other means. It is also a mystery as to whether she has any knowledge pertaining to her draconic heritage, though at times she seems to know more than she lets on. As for her father, it is unclear as to who or what he was, since her mother never spoke of him to her. Eventually she makes her way to the free trade city of Tathershore, looking for power and riches.

Gyda Ahlberg

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