Drexyl Blackbrand

Noble, Tiefling, Magus


Drexyl Blackbrand was born 28 years ago into the burgeoning Blackbrand noble family. His mother Katyana died in childbirth, guaranteeing that he would be an only child. His father Damian would later take on a consort, but vowed to never again sire a child. To ensure the lineage would continue, Drexyl was entered into an arranged marriage with young tiefling commoner lass named Sarissa Flamewalker. The two were wed into a loveless marriage as little more than children at the age of 16. Not long after, Sarissa gave birth to fraternal twins, one male one female, Adimarchus and Myrakul.

Drexyl never spent much time at home, after securing the family line he felt the itch for some personal achievements. He enrolled in the magic academy at Satinburg, many miles away. The distance was far too great to visit home, so Drexyl left his wife and kids behind for 6 long years he learned much in his time in this city of splendors, including the recipes to several interesting alchemical items that could be made from the reagents his family supplied. When he finally returned from academy as a magus he came back to children he hardly knew the news that his wife had killed herself in her depression and loneliness of her gilded cage. Leaving the kids to the nannies, Drexyl threw himself into his work helping his family to expand from magical reagents into alchemical items aimed at the commoners. This was primarily managed on a legal front. He levied the courts to make some of the potential goods legal, specifically the contraceptives night tea and bachelor snuff. With some well placed bribes and favors Drexyl was able to secure exclusive distribution of many of these items, however the associated costs made the products available mostly to upper middle class and not the real commoners.

In the years since his wife’s death Drexyl took up a similar oath to his father’s, however this time there was ample access to contraceptives and he quickly took up an elven consort called Layla. It would not have been proper to remarry outside the race, but many nobles had mistresses and concubines so Layla had to settle for that status.

Appearance wise Drexyl appears as a humanoid with demonic features such as his horns and claws, and of course his tail. He’s a heavy set man with slightly rubbery reddish skin and bulging muscles barely hidden under a combination of a chain shirt and tabard which give him the appearance of a mage, or perhaps a desert dwelling warrior. His pointed teeth, horns, claws and even eyes are stained gold from his years of heavy use of bachelor snuff.

Much of Drexyl’s time was spent in the courts. As a courtier he was expected to spend much of his leisure time there discussing matters of legislation and customs. Here being smart enough to know the best path isn’t always a good thing. Supporting the right person was more important that supporting the right idea. Unfortunately Drexyl would often side with the underdog as often as possible without gaining attention as a troublemaker. This wasn’t the fast road to advancement, but it kept him in the sweetspot of little responsibility with plenty of access to information and influence.

Every two weeks Drexyl would attend social events at the Mage’s guild. Technically an arcanist, he was allowed to hold a membership, but he was not seen as an equal. With rippling muscles and an unusual fighting style that was only half magic he was seen as an outsider among frail old men and slight elves, who beheld him with a mixture of jealousy and condescension. However as a purveyor of magical reagents it was his obligation to exchange pleasantries with the mages and keep a civil relationship conducive to trade.

One of the more martial services that Drexyl performs is the role of bodyguard for nobility. One of the more tolerant mages, Lord Pembroke has a penchant for studying ancient orcish culture, as if it wasn’t the same as modern day orcish practices. Some of these trips take him dangerously close to the orc infested mountains and much security is required. It was on one such trip that Drexyl came into contact with the most important discovery of his life. While scouting ahead of the expedition he fell into a fissure into a masonry room of ancient designs he did not recognize. In the center of the room was the skeletal remains of a man wearing torn chainmail and robes piercing the side of a skeletal giant with a gleaming black blade. Once he moved closer the blade called to him by name, saying that it had been waiting for over a century for this day, for Drexyl to show up. Brushing aside the detritus from this ancient stalemate Drexyl claimed the blade as his own, tossing aside his old sword into the dusty pile. This sword was sentient, and preferred the arrogant moniker “Drasik the Eraser” but out of convenience and friendship Drexyl was allowed to refer to him as Dras. Drasik has a gleaming black blade resembling compressed oil, with a swirling, ever changing surface barely visible except upon close inspection. The D hilt resembles a skeleton holding onto the blade with his hands arched over his head and his feet standing on the pommel. The skeleton appears to be scrimshaw made from ivory, normally a fragile medium, but on this sword it is nigh unbreakable. The handle itself is a polished horn of some unidentified animal, but Dras himself claims it to be the horn of the King of evil unicorns, an unlikely tale at best.

Drexyl Blackbrand

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