Tathershore is a free trade city nestled on the east side of the Tatheris Sea and on the west side of the Yarric Mountain Range seperating it from orcish wild lands. It is currently in what is hopefully the beginning of a golden period for the city state. There is a tenuous peace with the orcish tribes on the other side of the mountain range that has fallen under the leadership of a unifying king who favors development over conquest. The small city has also formed alliances and lucrative trade agreements with the small countries that share the Tatheris shorelines. These statuses have also granted the small city protection from the nearby arcane nation of Gauvath which has long wished to establish territory on the Tatheris shore.

Players may be either from the region (strongly human, elven, dwarven, and orc populations) or from out of region and are pretty much free to choose their race and class.

It started in Tathershore

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